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Plano Plastic Surgeon

Noted Plano plastic surgeon, Dr. Landon S. Perry, specializes in both cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery is a wonderful treatment option. It is cosmetic in nature in that it allows a patient to attain aesthetic changes in how they look. With the advances in today’s plastic surgical procedures, Dr. Perry and his team can help most patients experience the changes they are looking for. His goal in the practice of plastic surgery is to deliver the highest quality patient care by applying knowledge and technical expertise within a caring and personal environment.

Reconstructive Surgery in Plano

Those who desire correction of imperfections that result from trauma, congenital conditions, developmental issues, or disease can restore their appearance with reconstructive surgery. Dr. Perry has the surgical skill and experience to perform various types of reconstructive procedures customized to the patient’s individual needs.

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Top Five Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures

Why Choose Plastic Surgery?

The decision to have plastic or cosmetic surgery takes a great deal of thought. Dr. Perry and all his staff appreciate the importance of your decision. They offer an extensive range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and services in their Plano clinic, including:

Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Perry’s role as a cosmetic surgeon includes being both a technical advisor and counselor. It is important to determine if you are a good candidate and have realistic expectations. He will review your medical history, lifestyle, goals and expectations. We’ll discuss both the surgical and non-surgical options available, and together we’ll decide which course best suits you.

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Dr. Landon S. Perry is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and member of the America Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and all the clinic staff will be glad to answer any questions you may have about your desired procedure. Make an appointment for a consultation in his Plano office.