ProFractional is new type of fractional resurfacing that generally provides results in fewer treatment with less discomfort at the time of the procedure.  It is used for the correction of lines, wrinkles, pores, and texture imperfections.

This laser penetrates into the deep layers of the skin creating narrow clean channels to a selected depth.  These channels are surrounded by healthy tissue, speeding healing time  and reducing downtime for the patient. 

This procedure can be performed in the office with a topical anesthesia.  The patient will notice a difference with just one treatment.  Multiple treatments can be performed 2-6 weeks apart with improvement increasing with each treatment.

Treatment usually take only 10-15 minutes.  ProFractional treatments may also be combined with the MicroLaserPeel procedure to improve the efficacy of the ProFractional treatment.  Postreatment care requires the use of a moisturizer.  Patients are generally red for 3-7 days with some discomfort after the procedure.

You will experience smoother, softer, tighter skin without the downtime of more aggressive ablative procedures.





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