Moles & skin blemishes

Most moles and other blemishes are benign or non-cancerous. Because a mole can be a cancerous growth, it is best to have it evaluated by a skin specialist if you notice changes in size, shape or color.

Moles can be removed, whether safe or benign, if they are bothersome or unattractive.

Most procedures used to remove moles and skin lesions take only a short time and can be performed in-office. The most common methods of removal include removing the mole by shave excision or cutting out the entire mole and stitching the area closed.

The 2 basic methods are:

Shave Removal which levels off the elevated portion.

    • No sutures required
    • Root is left; 1 in 3 possibility of recurrence
    • Best for cosmetically important areas

Deep Removal which removes the entire mole, including the root.

    • Sutures required, surgical scar will develop
    • Root is removed; negligible risk of recurrence





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