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Plastic Surgery Associates was founded by Dr. Hamlet Newsom 30 years ago at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. As the population of Dallas grew, Dr. Newsom recruited Dr. Landon Perry and opened a second office at Presbyterian Hospital of Plano for the convenience of our patients.

The practice grew quickly and Dr. Perry now operates offices in Dallas as well as their AAASF certified operating room and North Dallas Surgery Center at the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas in which he performs cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic surgery, more than any other surgical specialty, requires careful listening on the part of the surgeon to determine the patient's desires. This must then be tempered with sound, mature surgical judgment and the artistic selection and application of the modern technology available. The most significant decision that you must make is not about the procedures you receive but about who performs them; you must decide on the proper cosmetic surgeons.

Doctor Perry maintains an excellent reputation by continually improving the technology in his offices and building upon his education. We will provide all the information and educational materials you will need through this important decision-making process.

Whether you are coming for your first consultation or for a long term follow-up, we want to provide a comfortable setting for your examination. In our office many of the minor procedures - mole or small skin cancer removal, scar revision, facial peels, etc. - are performed. But our office is also part of Presbyterian Hospital of Plano, a state-of-the-art facility which opened in 1991. Their state of the art surgical center allows us to offer you the safety of a hospital setting with the comfort of an outpatient/office location.

You can be assured that you will receive the best possible treatment in an environment that understands that your privacy is important.

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